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I’ve said it before and I said it again – “If I were you I wouldn’t have started here”.  This time to the trustee of a SSAS when he asked me how he could avoid charging VAT on a property transfer to a new SSAS.  It was all a mess as beforehand he’d gone off and applied for a VAT registration on-line, with the least helpful return cycle (March) and without sending any evidence of intention (key with these things).

It felt like my hands were tied but an 11th hour letter to HMRC saved the day.  By sending evidence of intention to trade and asking in the right way we were successful in getting the registration approved pronto and shifting the first return to February.  Although not charging VAT was out of anyone’s reach, we have now got a good chance of having the VAT claim released to the new SSAS before it falls due from the old one.

Shame is better the outcome could’ve been even better if he’d called me sooner.