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We have VAT consulting experience across a vast range of sectors and situations.  As well as supporting lawyers and accountants our clients include organisations of any size or type, based anywhere in the world.

We always invest time in understanding the situation and ‘what good looks like‘.  This way we can make sure UK VAT is handled in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

The AVS team translate complicated rules into easily understood English.  We pride ourselves in making sure our clients understand how UK VAT applies to their plans, project or business. 

Our VAT consulting service provides high quality, clear and proactive VAT advice.  We help our clients navigate the hard parts of the VAT rules so they can be confident they have the best VAT answers. 

Consulting involves review, recovery and advisory services all aimed at keeping clients in line with current VAT rules.  We work hard to make sure our clients have adopted the best possible UK VAT arrangements. 

Examples of VAT consulting projects include:

  • Maximising VAT relief so VAT is not over-paid
  • Securing VAT claims on property and other complex situations
  • Agreeing back-dated VAT claims and registrations with HMRC
  • Negotiating with HMRC on VAT errors and adjustments
  • Handling VAT registration and representation for non-UK businesses
  • Optimising reporting systems and VAT documentation

Whatever the VAT concern, our team can help you achieve optimal results and operate UK VAT rules more easily and effectively.

We strive to offer clear, current and sector-specific specialist VAT advice and are recommended by our clients as a cost-effective, professional, trusted and valued service.

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