Our MTD VAT Bureau provides a simple and cost-effective VAT return solution.  It means you don’t have to change everything to be MTD compliant.  It’s good for anyone using spreadsheets or where the accounting package does not have a built-in VAT filer.

Many of our clients were having a real problem meeting HMRC’s Phase II MTD requirements because their current VAT return process depends on spreadsheets. 

Our cloud based, portal system means you can operate on practically the same basis as before but have your VAT return build-up and filing handled digitally ‘nose-to-tail’.

Our Bureau will benefit anyone using spreadsheets for VAT accounting including:


Organisations not using an integrated accounts package or who need to adjust VAT claims or payments, including charities or under partial exemption.


Non-UK organisations using spreadsheets to extract UK VAT transactions for their UK VAT returns.


Larger concerns including VAT Groups operating bespoke accounting software who need an MTD compliant tool for the build-up and submission of VAT returns.

Our hosted MTD VAT Bureau service provides an extremely safe and flexible solution. You can choose whether AVS handles some or all of the three key VAT return processes being:

1. Entering the source data;
2. Reviewing the return build-up, and
3. Submitting the return

Our approach changes as few things as possible. The source data input sheet can be tailored to look the same as the spreadsheet currently being used, avoiding confusion and helping to prevent mistakes.  Why not give us a call to arrange a demo?

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Or email to info@avsvat.com to find out how our MTD VAT Bureau can help you