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We have the capability to deal with the complexities of VAT issues across all sectors. We also have in-house specific expertise on VAT & property, the TOMS (Tour Operators Margin Scheme) for the travel industry and all areas of VAT exemption including financial services. We also provide specialist help with maximising VAT claims both for property developments and under the partial exemption rules, handling Customs procedures including export and import rules as well as forensic VAT investigations including COP9 negotiations.

Each of our clients has different VAT issues and so our fees are calculated by reference to who will do the work and the complexity of the project. Work is delegated where possible and lower rates usually apply to compliance work. Consulting rates are set to represent good value for quality delivery. We will always be upfront and transparent from the outset, explaining the scope of work required and likely time needed which will be agreed before starting work. 

We handle all new engagements, whether with accountants or direct with their clients, by using Adobe e-sign which makes the sign-up process quick and easy. One of our specialist team will then review all relevant documents and background information in order to make an informed decision on the current situation and map out the best way forward. We keep our clients and their accountants/advisers regularly updated on progress being made towards reaching the best possible VAT outcome. 

We are happy to do so. We always encourage openness and transparency of communication with our clients. Ensuring we have direct contact with your other consultants and advisers can save you time and money and help us swiftly secure the best possible outcome. 

Yes our clients are a mixture of UK based and non-UK based accountants, solicitors, businesses and individuals. We can handle all aspects of UK VAT registration, including VAT returns, inspections and Intrastat & EC Sales Listings for non-UK people or businesses, acting as their UK VAT agent and looking after all their UK VAT obligations. 

Feedback from our clients consistently demonstrates that our service is valued as cost-effective and reasonably priced.

Pearls of wisdom

Never decide how to deal with VAT on the basis of what you were told in the pub or even relying on logic – remember – “Logic is the art of going wrong with confidence” 

 Joseph Wood Krutch 1893-1970

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