UK VAT claims – payment is just not enough

There are lots of situations where a business pays for something but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can claim back input VAT on the cost.  Just because a person is making a payment doesn’t give them entitlement to claim back […]

Air Ambulance gets UK VAT refund!

It’s always a wonderful thing getting a good answer for a client but getting a nice big fat refund for my air ambulance client has even more feel good about it.  All involved are very happy and I’m feeling rather […]

UK VAT – HMRC deadlines

Chasing HMRC this morning (6 April) for a response to a letter sent 4 weeks ago and I learn their reply of 23 March will take up to 2 weeks to arrive!!!  Why?  Surely this is madness? And yet here […]

UK VAT on commercial building

I thought I’d share this lovely email from my happy clients – it’s what it’s all about! “Alison and Scott Harris from Harris Trucking Storage in Sheffield would like to express our appreciation to Melanie Lord at AVS. Due to […]

UK VAT on commercial property – Client story

I’ve said it before and I said it again – “If I were you I wouldn’t have started here”.  This time to the trustee of a SSAS when he asked me how he could avoid charging VAT on a property […]

UK VAT on commercial property – Client story

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place today with this tangled mess of a property group getting with-held VAT claims released.  The wrong company bearing costs; not notifying the option to tax at the right time; claiming on […]