UK VAT on property – Vertical -v- horizontal

Property developers beware! It’s easy to think you should get VAT relief when you take an old pub and make 4 new maisonettes.  Similarly if you take an old shop with a flat above and make a new pair of […]

UK VAT rule – ‘No invoice, no claim’

Here’s a rare thing – a straightforward VAT rule! ‘No invoice, no VAT claim’ is the consistent line coming out of tribunal so it really is worth checking your files. In theory HMRC can accept alternative evidence if it’s “almost […]

Is it UK VAT zero-rated, exempt or both?

When deciding how VAT applies to a transaction I always start with asking ‘what is it?’  In theory this tells you whether there’s any VAT relief and generally points to a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.  However we recently saw […]