VAT News from across Europe

A few changes are being made to VAT in other countries – thanks to KMLZ newsletter – “AUSTRIA simplifies burden of proof for intra-Community triangular supplies +++ BELGIUM is to abolish advance payments if quarterly VAT returns are filed +++ […]

UK VAT on Adult Colouring Books

From April 2107 VAT will be due on all colouring and dot-to-dot books that aren’t specifically marketed as being suitable, or are actually unsuitable for under-18’s. HMRC have magnanimously announced their clarification ahead of imposing VAT to give suppliers chance […]

UK VAT & Duty plan – Soft or Hard Brexit?

While no-one knows what kind of Brexit we’ll end up with, we do know that almost any kind of Brexit will affect how we deal with VAT and duty. Here’s what I think you could usefully be doing now – […]

Prospect of Simple UK VAT

Good news that the complicated bits of VAT are being reviewed by the Office of Tax Simplification to ‘ensure that the system is fit for purpose’.  This is not a VAT rate review but maybe owes something to Brexit? You […]

UK VAT on Non-EU B2C Distance sales

Talking to a new client on Friday about UK zero-rating their B2C non-EU sales and realised there’s another angle to explore. If distance selling within the EU can create a liability to pay VAT where the customer belongs, could that […]

UK VAT on commercial property – Client story

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place today with this tangled mess of a property group getting with-held VAT claims released.  The wrong company bearing costs; not notifying the option to tax at the right time; claiming on […]