Problems meeting the April 2020 MTD regulations?

Our MTD VAT Bureau is a simple & cost-effective solution for anyone not using an accounting package with a built-in VAT filer

we can stop vat problems from happening

As VAT is a tax on transactions there is enormous scope for it being mishandled - yet finding the answers on your own can be a huge challenge

Our expert team guides and supports businesses through the complexities of the continuously evolving interpretation of VAT legislation. We can help structure supplies and contracts to achieve the best outcome, minimise VAT due and avoid costly HMRC fines.

we secure the best VAT solutions by taking a step back and working through your issues

As VAT rules can be complex, many businesses need help to understand how VAT should be dealt with and achieve the best answers

We can help to isolate and eradicate VAT issues including recovering VAT on pre-trading costs, securing exempt or zero-rated VAT relief and improving VAT recovery on complex transactions.

we achieve the right and cost-effective VAT results

Coping with VAT in-house can be expensive and inefficient

We can advise on all aspects of VAT to ensure VAT is not being either under-claimed or over-paid. Being VAT specialists we can provide solutions quickly which makes our service good value compared to you spending time looking for answers.

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We help our clients keep in line with their obligations and safeguard businesses.


Save valuable time and resources with our expert advice on these complex rules.


Ease the burden of VAT compliance with our specialist support.

A simple and cost-effective VAT return solution for anyone not using an accounting package with a built-in VAT filer

VAT is complex to navigate. Making mistakes is easy. Our proactive independent service supports your business. 

Sooner is always better – get in touch so we can help with your VAT concerns. 

We work with you to think it through before you make any business commitments – to ensure the best outcome. 

Here are just a few examples where we can help:

Are you dealing with sector-specific VAT issues and complex rules?

Do you need to claim back VAT or charge VAT historically?

Do you need help revisiting past calculations and securing refunds from HMRC?

Do you operate in more than one country and need advice on UK and cross-border transactions and regulations?​

Are you concerned about adhering to submission deadlines and changing regulations?

Our specialist team will take care of all your VAT requirements.

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As an independent consultancy AVS VAT provides strategic support. We understand VAT and can unravel its complexities quickly and efficiently. We can help with a myriad of VAT issues, from specific transactional queries, to more challenging compound matters.

Experienced in liaising with HMRC, we will always work to find commercial, cost-effective solutions and as a result avoid VAT problems and pitfalls.

Enabling our specialist team to take care of any VAT requirements gives our clients:

  • More time to focus on growing their business
  • Less stress
  • The lowest VAT bill legally possible and the best possible VAT outcome.

Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1438 716 176

Or by email to for an introductory, no obligation discussion

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VAT outsourcing for clients and other professionals

Support for organisations that don’t have an in-house VAT specialist.

Specialist property VAT support

VAT advice on commercial property transactions.

Advice & support to non-UK businesses

Acting as UK VAT agent for businesses with no UK infrastructure.

Negotiating with HMRC

Leading submissions and negotiations; working to secure favourable VAT treatments.