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Are you VAT Compliant?

VAT is a complicated multi-faceted tax. 

We help our clients find their way through the minefield of complicated and evolving VAT rules.

Is your VAT burden too big?

Many organisations suffer more than they need to.

AVS helps clients to structure their business to optimise VAT claims, minimise VAT due and avoid the risk of expensive fines.

Is managing VAT a real hassle?

Can you justify the cost of having in-house VAT expertise?

AVS provides an out-sourced VAT service to businesses, trust administrators,
solicitors and accountants whether based in the UK or elsewhere.

VAT can be an interesting (yes, really) and convoluted subject.

Every VAT transaction is different but with one thing in common – the potential to wreak havoc!  If a deal is done without looking after VAT on the best basis, you might not be able to easily put it right. There’s lots we can do to help if you…

Face specific VAT problems or complex rules? 

Have dealings in several countries? 

Don’t always charge VAT or don’t always claim it back? 

Have sector-specific VAT issues – such as property, travel or financial services?

We have one golden rule – when you’re looking at VAT: sooner is always better.

Few people enjoy the burden of VAT – except for us!  At AVS VAT, we live and breathe VAT. If you’re not sure about how to handle VAT, let us know.  Educated guesses can be expensive and we really are here to help.

Our team thrives on understanding complex issues, side-stepping VAT pot-holes and, above all, saving money for our clients. We specialise in finding commercial and cost-effective solutions so that VAT problems are avoided.  Having mastered the skill of liaising with HMRC we can achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We’re based near London, UK and love an excuse to travel – we apply our VAT skills globally.

Are you an accountant or solicitor?

Clients’ VAT issues can be very specific and tangled, which is where we can help. Whether it’s a complex VAT issue or in the run-up to a specific transaction, talk to AVS VAT first. We can unravel VAT issues quickly and efficiently for your clients and your own practice.

Are you a business owner?

Avoid that ‘if only’ feeling by not ignoring VAT until it’s too late! The specialist team at AVS VAT knows the hidden depths of VAT and can give you:

More time

Less stress

The lowest VAT bill legally possible!

Call us 01438 716176 to explore how we can help you get the best possible VAT outcome and remember – sooner is always better.

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VAT outsourcing for clients and other professionals

Support for organisations that don’t have an in-house VAT specialist.

Specialist property VAT support

VAT advice on commercial property transactions.

Advice & support to non-UK businesses

Acting as UK VAT agent for businesses with no UK infrastructure.

Negotiating with HMRC

Leading submissions and negotiations; working to secure favourable VAT treatments.