UK Import VAT dangers ahead

There are lots of situations where goods are coming into the UK but the import is looked after by someone who is not the owner.  HMRC have woken up to this mismatch and issued a business brief (click) confirming how […]

Smell tests

Two very different cases through the VAT tribunal used the same tests to decide whether input VAT could be reclaimed and in one case whether a mis-declaration penalty applied. In McCord (TC06812) the invoices related to qualifying cars and in […]

Deposits and prepayments

HMRC have announced new rules from 1 March 2019 for handling deposits or other payments received in advance of delivering goods or services. Prior to March if a customer paid but then did not take delivery of goods or use […]


The VAT treatment of vouchers has always been nightmarish and while new rules introduced in January 2019 will make for an easier road, until previously issued vouchers have washed through the system we will still have scope for errors and […]

No-Deal Brexit Action Plan

It would have been nice to know what is actually happening but here are a few things you should be doing now to cover your bases in case we have a no-deal Brexit – Check if you have an UK […]

VAT & property case study #2

What do we do? Our role is to help you understand how the VAT exemption, 0% & 5% relief rules work for a particular situation and bear the lowest possible VAT costs.  There are all sorts of VAT reliefs running […]