What do we do exactly?

I was recently having a drink with a really old and good friend and laughed when he asked me what do we actually do?  It was funny given that I set up AVS in 1994 and I’ve known him for […]

New VAT rules for building work coming soon

If you buy in building work you need to get ready for some radically new VAT rules that are being imposed from next October under the new Domestic Reverse Charge (DRC). The new DRC rules will affect more than just […]

When to issue VAT zero-rating certificates

A lesson here for anyone faced with issuing qualifying use certificates on new buildings, you simply cannot be too careful. Aside from building new houses there are two other situations where VAT zero-rating might apply to construction, both of which […]

How ‘no deal’ Brexit will work

Most people spend longer planning a wedding that UK businesses are being given to plan for Brexit.  Probably an odd thought given that this is a national divorce but nevertheless we are in a worrying situation.  Welcome then comes some […]

Student Flats

An argument centred on whether sub-contractors can zero-rate their services on construction of student flats has been settled by the Upper Tax Tribunal.  Summit Electrical Installations Ltd [2018] BVC 5101 have had their zero-rating confirmed, which is also a win […]

Has HMRC refused your VAT registration?

HMRC are refusing to accept applications to VAT register where trade hasn’t yet started and this is just plain wrong!  If you know someone who has been refused a registration, please give me a call. Any organisation making plans to […]